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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The Curse of Malenfer Manor
Book One
Iain McChesney

Genre: historical mystery / paranormal
Publisher: Wayzgoose Press
Date of Publication: October 1
ISBN: 978-1-938757-10-5
Word Count: 85,000
Cover Artist: DJ Rogers

Those in line to the Malenfer estate are succumbing to terrible ends –is a supernatural legacy at work, or something entirely more human?

Young Irish mercenary Dermot Ward retreats to Paris at the close of World War I where he drinks to forget his experiences, especially the death of his comrade, Arthur Malenfer. But Arthur has not forgotten Dermot. Dead but not departed, Arthur has unfinished business and needs the help of the living.

Upon his arrival at Malenfer Manor, Dermot finds himself embroiled in a mystery of murder, succession, and ambition. Dermot falls in love with the youngest Malenfer, the beautiful fey Simonne, but in his way are Simonne’s mismatched fiancĂ©, her own connections to the spirit world, Dermot’s guilt over the circumstances of Arthur’s death… and the curse.

A_TiffyFit's Review:
I am on a roll of fabulous novels lately! This was FANTASTIC. Beautifully written, it engulfs you into its tale immediately. It is truly one of the best ghost stories I have read in a long time, if ever. No, it's not a silly "Caspar" tale or a Hollywood-ized spook tale either. What it a story so human that it could be true, one telling someone's actual, personal experience of events that they've encountered or have been passed down by loved ones in the family. 
One can't help liking both protagonists, Dermot & Arthur. The two men who've bonded in friendship and brotherhood during the time of great tragedy of war. Among the detritus surrounding them, they've forged a friendship so strong it lasts beyond the corporeal world. 
The Malenfer Manor is everything and more that Arthur has shared with Dermot. At the manor, Dermot finds everyone that Arthur has spoken about: his family, friends, and the servants. And immediately, Dermot sets out to do what he's promised Arthur he would do for him and that's when the interesting mysteries open. 
Among these people is Arthur's beautiful, lovely niece Simonne, engaged to be wed to the local mayor's only heir, Robert. Although not immeidately known or acknowledged, Dermot's heart is lost at first sight of the beautiful, mysterious Simonne. 
At the manor, while in pursuit of his promised duty to his friend, Dermot learns of the dreadful Malenfer Curse set forth on the family over a hundred years past by a wrongfully accused woman. It has been the black cloud hanging over Malenfers for all time since, no one possessing the Malenfer named living to enjoy old age. Of course, Dermot is skeptical, but soon enough begins to doubt his resolve from the events occurring he is personally witnessing.
Dermot suspects that the current events and people orchestrating it are simply using the family's curse as an excuse for the evil deeds occurring. 
This novel isn't all gloom and doom, it's well woven with light-hearted humors and banter between friends and relatives. The story moves along quite well, the tale unfolding without any stutters. This was so smooth, and so flowing, that you read on and on until its end, shocked that you've finished and wanting more, although it finishes with great satisfaction.  

Iain is a writer of gothic mysteries.

He was born and raised in Scotland. He studied History and Geography at the University of Glasgow.

The World Wars left Iain’s family with generations of widows. As a result, Iain has always been interested in the tangible effects of history on family dynamics and in the power of narrative to awaken those long dead. For the characters in The Curse of Malenfer Manor, he drew on childhood reminiscences and verbal family history—though he hastens to add that his family had barely a penny, far less a manor, and any ghosts dwell only in memory.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and two children.


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