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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: GIRL MEETS UNDERWORLD by Jess Watkins

Title: Girl Meets Underworld
Author: Jess Watkins
Publisher: Opis Publishing
Published: February 2013
Length: 224 pages
Edition: e book
Source: Author for honest review

Having lost her mother and brother, Stella stands on the roof of her building, about to jump. She is stopped by a handsome young man, who jumps first. Somehow, he survives and Stella soon discovers that Conner holds a dark secret and more than a passing connection to her own unhappiness. 

But Conner isn’t the only man to take an interest in Stella. Will is dangerous. He has mood swings, a crazy older brother and the ability to heal abnormally quickly. Stella knows what Conner is, but what exactly is Will – and why does he appear to know more about Conner than she does.

A_TiffyFit's Review
Stella, the protagonist in this tale, finds love with not just one but two and just in the nick of time as they say. She'd believed she was all alone in the world only to discover her missing dad who has been gone from her life for many years and yet living just under her nose. Although happily shocked she discovers a different dad than she recalls but finds he loves her no less than before, perhaps even more deeply. 

Needless to say, Stella's life changes dramatically and through love, she learns an discovers an entirely different world than her own. Although she take this all in stride, these different worlds, ultimately Stella must choose who it is that she loves more and is willing to share her life with. And she does. However, entirely new circumstances arise which will alter everything that she had ever imagined for herself.

Along the way, she discovers her mom and her brother's killer, too, whom she had never been able to forget about, wishing for justice and revenge. Just when Stella resolved to herself that her father did not care about who had killed them, he comes through for her. And the man, her love, is there, as he'd promised to save her once more. 

It is an exciting book, one that is "un-put-down-able" until you've reached the very end. And leaves you wanting more, MUCH MORE. Smart writing, fast paced, suspenseful, charming love story, hot kisses.  This does what all great books should do: whisks you away, holds you captive, and leaves you wanting more and more. May I have the next installment please?

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