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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Tour! FIERY EDGE OF STEEL by Jill Archer

Fiery Edge of Steel
Noon Onyx Book  Two
Jill Archer

Genre: Fantasy with elements of mystery and romance

Publisher: Ace
Date of Publication: May 28, 2013

ISBN-10: 0425257169
ISBN-13: 978-0425257166

Number of pages: 336
Word Count: 105,000

Cover Artist: Jason Chan

Book Description:

Lucifer and his army triumphed at Armageddon, leaving humans and demons living in uncertain peace based on sacrifice and strict laws. It is up to those with mixed demon and human blood, the Host, to prevent society from falling into anarchy.

Noon Onyx is the first female Host in memory to wield the destructive waning magic that is used to maintain order among the demons. Her unique abilities, along with a lack of control and a reluctance to kill, have branded her as an outsider among her peers. Only her powerful lover, Ari Carmine, and a roguish and mysterious Angel, Rafe Sinclair, support her unconventional ways.

When Noon is shipped off to a remote outpost to investigate several unusual disappearances, a task that will most likely involve trying and killing the patron demon of that area, it seems Luck is not on her side. But when the outpost settlers claim that an ancient and evil foe has stepped out of legend to commit the crimes, Noon realizes that she could be facing something much worse than she ever imagined.…

A_TiffyFit's Review:
Jill Archer is now at the top of my "always buy" list. This has everything I adore about fantasy novels: unique world, strong characters with flaws-but not wholly ruined-, great plot, smart writing. 

This picks up where DARK LIGHT OF DAY left off. Noon is now Primoris and given a new case along with her lover, Ari, who is Secundis. They are heading to the dangerous shallows, after a complaint is received by the council accusing a Patron demon of murder.

I like the legal aspects and terminology in these novels. It asks moral questions, incredibly appropriate considering this world: post-apocalyptic, but thousands of years after and not a nuclear one, but of the fabled angel vs demons war. And the demons won!

But despite Lucifer's and his demons' victory, we have this new balance to the world. Demons may rule, but they are tempered by Lucifer's laws, enforced by the council and its Maegesters, Luck's enforcers who in turn are supported by Guardian Angels. 

We have two new characters in this book - the Guardian Angels themselves, Rafe Sinclair and Fara Vanderlin. They are assigned to work with Ari and Noon. I found both incredibly likable despite seeming so cagey at first. Rafe's devil-may-care veneer is fascinating as it comes and goes, and though we never get Fara's full story (or Rafe's for that matter) she is just as intriguing with her constant chirping of quotes from the Book of Joshua, having a tiger as a pet, etc. 

This book is faster paced than book one, which only makes sense since Dark Light of Day was setting up Noon's story, introducing us to the world and other main characters. I couldn't put this one down either. I love the world, I love the history, the characters, and the plot. 

Noon is an amazingly feisty, complicated character whom we can relate to despite us not having magic. Self-doubt, apprehension, going with her gut, being brave in the face of danger (and then second guessing herself, and third guessing) - she is so normal emotionally.

There is a HUGE twist at the end. GEEBUS. I don't know what outcome I want in future novels. But I do know this: I. Want. More. Ms Archer - if you write it, I'll read it, especially in this Noon Onyx world!

Dark Light of Day
Noon Onyx Book One
By Jill Archer
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Ace
ISBN: 978-0-425-25715-9

Number of pages: 384
Word Count: 123,000

Book Description:

Armageddon is over. The demons won. And yet somehow…the world has continued. Survivors worship patron demons under a draconian system of tributes and rules. These laws keep the demons from warring among themselves, the world from slipping back into chaos.

Noon Onyx grew up on the banks of the river Lethe, daughter of a prominent politician, and a descendant of Lucifer’s warlords. Noon has a secret—she was born with waning magic, the dark, destructive, fiery power that is used to control demons and maintain the delicate peace among them. But a woman with waning magic is unheard of and some will consider her an abomination.

Noon is summoned to attend St. Lucifer’s, a school of demon law. She must decide whether to declare her powers there…or attempt to continue hiding them, knowing the price for doing so may be death. And once she meets the forbiddingly powerful Ari Carmine—who suspects Noon is harboring magic as deadly as his own—Noon realizes there may be more at stake than just her life.

(My review for Dark Light of Day can be found HERE)

About the Author:

Jill Archer is the author of Dark Light of Day, the first book in the Noon Onyx series. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jill now lives in rural Maryland with her two children and her husband, who is a recreational pilot. She blogs about books, movies, interesting people, and various weekend adventures.

twitter: @archer_jill


Okay, so I absolutely adore the world of Noon Onyx. It's smart, it's entrancing, it's so different than any other demon vs angel novel I've ever read. It has magic and normal people living together, working together, etc. Annnnnnnd guess what I have to give away?

I can give away one set to one winner of BOTH books! US only. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU? xD I'm pretty damn excited.

Away we go! Thank you for stopping by the blog, reading my reviews, and for being awesome!

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