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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Visionary Unleashed by N. Dunham

Visionary Unleashed
By N. Dunham
Source: Author gifted
Edition: print

Synopsis: -Sixteen-year-old Aislinn Lee Murphy accidentally unleashes her hidden ability to see things before they happen, making her a Visionary. But little does she know that this amazing gift comes with a severe price. She must never tell a soul or she risks putting herself and her family in great peril.

A Visionary is someone who has been chosen to see the future and has the benefit of having spirit animals to guide and protect them, but there is a secret agency whose sole purpose is to terminate all Visionaries and Aislinn has become their next target.

Review: 5 stars

This is a wonderful YA fantasy, which I would call a young woman’s novel. It of course can be read by either, but I see it appealing especially to those young women who like to daydream and wish that things like what happen in this book are a possibility. How many girls dream about a Prince Charming or a perfect soulmate, and a magical place and wish to have supernatural powers? The romance of it lends more towards young girls than boys, I think. This novel gives them all of those things: “he reaches out for my hand and I feel even more powerful now, like two forces becoming one!” *happy sigh* Yeah, I dreamt about that, too.

It is a fantasy romance that touches your heart, with nature being an active participant in this perfection fantasy “…big, bright beautiful rainbow shines down right in front of us.” Pure magic, fantasy, perfection. This “prince charming” says all the right, perfect clich├ęs such as “well, you came to me in my dreams” If this isn’t what young women (hell, even women my age in my 30s) dream about, then I don’t know what is!

I really loved reading this modern-day fairy tale, complete with a prince charming and a happily ever after. I happily ate up the lines that lend that mystical, magical romance such as “I was drawn to you before I even met you” THIS IS MEANT TO BE!

While this story contains a traditional formula, it is in a modern day setting, one rife with daily issues that many readers will be able to relate to in some form or other: parental divorces, homework, backstabbing friends, dislike of authority figures, fashion and materialism (cell phones, high name brand handbags and shoes and makeup and perfumes, etc). Feelings and emotions we all have experienced such as lack of self-confidence, self-doubts, awkwardness, peer pressure, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, stressing about colleges, and everything else you deal with in late adolescence, which is the greatest period of “unknowing.” The language of the characters very much sets the scene in present modern day. (e.g. saying LOL…it’s not something you’d see in books from the past targeting this age group, but it is a nod to modern society). So how the hell is this a fairytale, Tiffany?! Easy…your main protagonists, your lovers…they weather the storm of all these things together. The struggles and obstacles they overcome bring them closer together proving that with love and unity comes the strength to overcome anything together!

These messages of love and loyalty and everything else are the same as in most fairy tales, sure. But what keeps the reader interested is the way Ms Dunham weaves it all together, keeping you entranced, engrossed, and enjoying the ride from beginning to end. The end, the wish for the happily ever after is just at the edges, and all the while you have been participating with these characters. And when that end comes, you’ll find it came too soon, you want it to continue even more, and you’ll close this book and try to figure out how you just lost a few hours of daylight.

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