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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge for May 2013

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...

I REALLY need to do this. I went trigger happy with my requesting at Netgalley, I've been approached by a few awesome authors and owe them a review, and I got a bit backlogged having fun participating in so many book blog tours.

So here it goes. Joining my first challenge...CLEAN SWEEP!

My List, numbered to scare me at how far behind I am, but not in any particular order. I'll strike them out as I complete! :D

ng = netgalley, bt=book tour, author = author gifted

  1. The Sweetest Dark -ng
  2. Jack Absolute - bt (May 10)
  3. Perfect Misfits -bt (May 8)
  4. The Circle -bt (May 15)
  5. Dark Salvation -bt (May 17)
  6. Scent of Darkness -bt (May 19) (will post link when posted!)
  7. Blue Heart of Mars -bt
  8. Tragic -bt (will post link when posted) June 25th post, will do goodreads post earlier
  9. Runes -bt (will post link when posted)May 22
  10. The Cat's Meow -author post May 23
  11. Emilie and the Hollow World -ng
  12. Dark Side of Sunset Pointe - ng
  13. The River of No Return -ng
  14. Pretty Dark Nothing -ng
  15. Hot Blooded -ng
  16. Nightsiders -ng
  17. The Eternity Cure - ng
  18. Girls & Monsters -ng
  19. The Truth about Bras Boobs & High Heeled Shoes -author
  20. Goddess's Choice -author
  21. Immortal Eclipse - author
  22. Messages from the Hidden Past -author
  23. Angel Bait - author
  24. Born in Sin - author
  25. Girl Meets Underworld -author
  26. Cry Devil - author
  27. Dare You To -ng
  28. The Girl with the Iron Touch -ng (AND I WANT TO READ THIS ONE SO BADLY <3 this series!)
  29. The Lives of Tao -ng
  30. The Huaca -ng
  31. Grabbed by Vicious -bt (May 11)
  32. Royal Street (Bt)
  33. River Road (Bt)
Update: 17/33 done! 

Holy jeez. One or two books a day? My heart is did I get so far behind?! Stupid trigger happy request finger. BOOKS BOOKS I LOVE BOOKS. 

Edited: I had to add 31, 32, 33 because I forgot about them originally. The goodnews is, I'm catching up! 

Edit: May 30, 2013 --- I totally sidetracked off this list with book tour books and other netgalley books, and ones I bought and wanted to read myself. But hey...I got 17 done so far! One more day!

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