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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Title: Fallen Ruler
Author: Eleanor T Beaty
Genre: Paranormal, YA
Publisher: self
Format: Ebook, Paperback
Length: 260 pages

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Book Description:

For sixteen years, Lya, has lived as a normal human, until her father, Walter, gets involved with the wrong people and puts Lya’s life at risk. During a visit to Miami, Lya’s older sister is kidnapped, and Lya and her father are subsequently taken hostage by Walter’s associates and forced to board a plane to India. When the plane lands in Delhi, Lya is rescued by three monks and taken to a Monastery. There her reality is shattered, when she learns the true identity of her rescuers and, even more surprisingly, herself. Lya is now faced with the toughest decision of her life. Can she live up to her ethereal destiny and save her family?

About the Author:

Eleanor T. Beaty is a Young Adult Paranormal author. A worldly person born in beautiful Brazil and spent much of her childhood in several places (Argentina, Switzerland, and the US to name a few). She holds a BA in English Literature and is published in both Brazil and Turkey.

Eleanor loves spirituality and magic - both have allowed her to gain a strong grip on life and enjoy what it has to offer. She believes that everything has a reason and understanding those reasons help us deal with the difficult moments. Eleanor currently enjoys life with her husband in Brazil.

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A_TiffyFit's Review
I worried I wasn't going to like this book in the beginning; childbirth scene, the things the mother was saying about being pregnant and not wanting the baby, etc were just so offputting. It made me recoil. How could a mother say something like that and if she had felt that way, why didn't she end it?! I worried for the baby, growing up unwanted and unloved. But then my interest was caught with the blue girl in the maternity room, the green goo, etc. Spiritual beings? Ghosts? Aliens?! I liked Lya immediately as we're introduced to her as a 16 year old girl, smiling over the mystical marks her grandmother, Nee, put all over her room. You understand that she has had a hard life with her parents and older, bitchy sister. As the situation progresses and you meet the three "angels" as Nee calls them, more and more is revealed to you bits at a time. Not much to be said about Lobsang as he's not really focused upon other than as his role as a Lotvian. Of the three warriors, B is my favorite. She is loyal, mischievous, and loving. Lya, the main character, was harder for me to like, which in the end, I thought was appropriate. She is the titular character, she should be more complex in appealing to my emotions as a reader.

I loved the concepts and the characters and the heavy eastern philosophy that the reader can see they were based upon. As you learn about Lya/Tsaen's history once on Ray (the planet they're from), you'll find yourself nodding along and saying, Ahhhhh, okay.
I think my absolute favorite characteristic of Rayans are their eyes! How I wish that human beings had that kind of indicator!
"...,the Rayan eyes act as an indicator of emotions. But unlike the birthmark, the eyes react in the moment. They are your nakedness. If you're lying, red will appear in your pupils. With anger, the pupils turn yellow. Concealing brings on green. true love, bright purple." -kindle loc 1871
Despite being told clearly that the change is in the pupils, I kept thinking it was the irises and had to remind myself it wasn't as I read descriptions of several character's eyes - deep mysterious blue, bright green, muddy brown. I kept asking myself, "wait! what does blue mean?" before I remembered that the indicator is in the pupils.

While it took me a little bit to become invested in the story, once I did the story rolled along at a very good pace. There is action, science fiction, emotion, and moments of frivolity that were just so appealing all together. A very good read, one I hope you pick up!

Fallen Ruler EXCERPT!

From above the hospital bed, with her body imbedded into the ceiling and veiled by shadows, a bald, blue-skinned girl watched, untouched by Carla’s plight. The blue girl’s dark, goggle-like eyelids reflected Carla’s image as she cursed those she felt were responsible for her predicament; not even God was spared.

The hospital nurses behind the desk across the hall continued doing their best to ignore the screaming woman. They believed the moment of birthing to be hours away and Carla’s angry words repulsed them. The blue girl had heard one of the nurses say such a poisonous woman like that shouldn’t even have a womb, much less be allowed to give birth. They had no intention of being kind to Carla.

Carla’s belly tensed and stayed peaked. The blue girl’s lids split open to reveal concerned human-shaped purple eyes. It was time to bring Tsaen out. She pursed her lips and blew down towards Carla’s head.

Carla closed her eyes and became silent. Her fingers relaxed their vice-like grip on the bed sheet.

The blue girl surfaced from within the ceiling and dropped down. She pressed her index finger against her navel, and just before touching the floor, she took the human form of a young Buddhist monk.

The monk stood next to the bed with his palms over Carla’s belly button. A glow spread throughout the swollen mound.

Carla moaned, turned her head, then settled back down.

The monk slid his hands across the soft skin, until they came to rest between Carla’s legs, just in time to support a tiny body enveloped in a pouch of green mucous. He bent over the baby. His mouth was inches from the green pouch when he sensed someone in the hall. He looked down and saw a shadow beneath the door, the nurse’s feet. They were small. It was the nurse called Sumana. The doorknob twisted. The monk realized Carla’s silence had caused concern. He placed the baby onto Carla’s stomach and slid towards the head of the bed. He touched his forehead to Carla’s and, using Carla’s voice, let out a loud scream, followed by a curse word. The shadow beneath the door grew small. The nurse had stepped back but she hadn’t left, nor had she released the doorknob. The monk screamed again.

Sumana seemed to hesitate. Her feet changed positions.

The monk waited.

Finally Sumana released the knob and retreated.

The monk pulled away from the sleeping Carla and went back to the baby. He lifted the baby from Carla’s belly and bit into the pouch, ripping off a piece of membrane with his teeth.

The loud sound of tearing disturbed Carla. She tried to open her eyes, but only managed a blink.

The monk swallowed the piece of membrane before ripping off another. A glistening head of thick black hair appeared. The monk continued until the baby was free. With a swipe of his hand, he severed the umbilical cord and carried the baby to the changing table.

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