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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Tour: The Circle by Cindy Cipriano

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The Circle Calum Ranson is sure of three things: his cousin Finley is alive, Calum will find him, and no one knows Calum and his family are Sidhe. No one until Laurel shows up at his mother's bookstore wearing a dark clan's mark. When Calum learns the details surrounding the disappearance of Laurel's brother, he suspects the evil Hobayeth clan. Calum and Laurel work together in the Realm of Man and the Otherworld to rescue her brother - revealing a connection between Calum and Laurel that may cost Finley his life.
"The Circle is full of magic and mystery. Readers will be engrossed in faerie realms, charming characters, and a state of wonder and imagination. The Circle is for those who delight in reading fantasy and exploring mystical worlds."
--Kathleen Fox,

Author Cindy Cipriano Cindy Cipriano lives in NC with her husband, son, and 27 pets. Okay, more like one cat, three dogs, and many, many fish. Cindy is an award winning science teacher, who this past August celebrated her 12th first day of sixth grade.

A_TiffyFit's Review:
I really enjoyed this YA/middle grade fantasy. Had I read it in middle school, it would have been one of my favorite books, much like Robin McKinley's "Beauty." Subtle magic, introduction of a different culture (the Sidhe), two missing boys, steadfast and growing friendship between a small group of sixth graders, but also learning that friendships do not remain the same as Calum quickly learns. Despite being from a Sidhe clan, Calum is dealing with the every day issues that middle school-aged kids go through. "No one can have a best friend that is an opposite sex anymore! That's weird!" Your good friend just dumped you for a total douchebag. Does she like my friend? Does she like me? Am I okay with that? It was very real, and very sweet. Friendship, the unending bonds of good friends, is a main theme here. 

I am not a fan of cliffhangers and having to wait for the next book to discover what happens next, etc. That would be the only fault I find in this book. I hate cliffhangers! LOL There IS a nice little preview of the first chapter of the next book, The Lost, however, that picks up a MOMENT after this book ends, so I am very much looking forward to it!

I liked the closeness of family, even when Calum is doubting his uncle and then regretting doubting him. The dynamics of the family and what it is to be a pre-teen are really well-described. I didn't really understand that Kenzie's concern for Calum, keeping him away from his heritage, stemmed from the disappearance of his cousin, Riley. I thought there was more to it based on her actions and overheard snippets of conversation, but it's truly just a mother's love. The glimpses of the different clans of Faerie were interesting; the new rules put into place thanks to Finley's disappearance and the slightest hint that Calum and his family are indeed royalty. I also liked the introduction of other fae, notably Brownshire, a brownie, who is NOT nice at all.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has children in the middle school grades (5th -8th) who love to read fantasy, as a book to read to younger children, and as something to enjoy yourself! I cannot wait to read more in this series myself, to see how everything works out, what complications there are, if they find their powers and learn to use them more, etc. I like the teamwork aspect instead of a lone hero and I hope this continues with future books.

Chapter Three
No Storm
~ p.29 ~
“Mrs. Ranson…” said Laurel.
“Call me Kenzie.”
“Okay.” Laurel smiled at her. “Kenzie, I saw some sticks in a
vase in the game room. Are they for Wrecks?”

Calum gave his mom a quick glance. He had forgotten to put
them away before Laurel arrived.

“No. Those are Particulars. They’re actually quite rare. That set
has been in our family for almost a hundred years,” said Kenzie.

“What are they for?” asked Laurel.

“They predict the future,” said Kenzie, matter-of-factly.

Gus coughed and looked at her in disbelief.

“Cool,” said Laurel. “How?”

“Go get ‘em and I’ll show you,” said Kenzie.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Gus asked as soon as Laurel
was out of earshot.

“It’s fine,” said Kenzie. “She’ll think it’s a parlor game. Besides,
I’m curious about her.”

Laurel returned and set a green vase on the table. It was filled
with wooden twigs in varying lengths and colors. Some straight,
others twisted.

“Draw the one that calls to you,” said Kenzie.

Laurel examined the twigs and chose a honey-colored one
that was thinner than the rest.

“This makes sense,” said Kenzie. “Secrets. You’re going to tell
one and learn one.”

“So cool,” said Laurel. “Are the predictions always the same?”

“No,” said Kenzie. “It depends on a lot of things: the date, the
moon’s phase, who’s drawing the twig, and what’s in their heart.”

“You do it, Calum,” said Laurel.

Calum shrugged. He studied the twigs and drew a yellow
one decorated with golden circles. He handed it to Kenzie.
Her eyes met Calum’s as she said, “Rescue.”

Calum stared at the twig. Rescue? Finley?

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